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Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

Featured image Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing - Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

When people talk about dog sled racing, they are mostly talking about snow-loving dogs. The best breeds for dog sled racing can cope with the harsh cold environment and are able to thrive off of it.

That is why it is important that if you were to enter this sport, then you should be teamed up with not only snow-loving but snow-conquering dogs. If you need help choosing, here’s a list for you.


Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

Samoyed is a native breed in Siberia. These dogs are born to thrive in extremely cold environments. They are also known as one of the toughest and fastest when it comes to dog sledding.

These dogs have thick fur that helps them easily beat the cold and even serve as a ball of heat. In Siberia, most of them sleep alongside their owners to keep the latter warm. Samoyed is not the best dogs however for long haul sled trips.

But they can be efficient for other responsibilities like herding reindeers and other animals moving in packs.

Their cuteness and fluffiness are just bonuses in what makes Samoyed the best.

Greenland Dog

Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

If you want endurance and strength, Greenland Dogs are known for their stamina and will power. They are among the few independent-minded beasts throughout the globe. These dogs are the main mode of transportation during winter in Greenland.

Hunters also bring them along at long sled trips. Greenland dogs are taller and stronger than most snow-loving dogs in this list or over the globe. Their heavily padded feet serve as snowshoes.


Now if you want speed, then Eurohound is perfect for you. This breed is a top pick for world competitors in dog sled racing. These dogs are lightweight and pretty light on their feet. They are built for sprint racing and they pack serious energy. Just like the Samoyed, Eurohounds perform well under harsh conditions.

Alaskan Husky

Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

Alaskan Huskies can run fast covering short distances and endure long trips. That is the two variations for this breed. Some Alaskan Huskies are meant for racing, while others are meant for long-haul transportation.

The Alaskan Husky is a combination of Siberian Justy and Alaskan Malamute with a hint of Saluki and Pointer. Unfortunately, receding ice threatens Alaskan Huskies and their future. But, despite that, these dogs continue to rock the husky racing league in the state of Alaska in the United States.

Now, there are more dogs you can opt to choose as your partner. Keep in mind that these dogs demand great care and affection. And, just like all dogs, they just want someone to be there for them. For more information about these dogs and more snow-loving dogs, contact us today.