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Cannington Dog Sled Races magazine is the product of Melissa Smith’s love for dogs and the entire community of Cannington. Smith, back in 2013 was working as an on-call speech or language pathologist. 

Back then, dog sled racing was big in Cannington with an annual event called the Cannington Dog Sled Race and Winter Festival. The event was cancelled in 2017 and it is our mission to bring it back to life.

Going back, Smith was a big fan of dog sled racing as it highlighted the relationship between man and dog. It also shuns away all factors and elements of torture on dogs and any other animals as dog sled racing in Cannington was full-on responsible.

How it all started

About Us

The magazine started as a blog on Tumblr that highlights everything about dog sled and dog sled racing in Cannington. It tackled the top dogs to ever participate in events and the top contenders to command those dogs.

The blog also talked about how it brought a community together and how a new-found organization to protect wildlife came to existence (but more on that later).

The blog was featured many times in the local newspaper and Smith got some monetary donation to better position her blog online. Instead, she hired a web developer, a marketing manager and two writers to help her turn the blog into an online magazine.

CDSR today

About Us

Today that blog continues to entertain, inform and engage readers all over the province of Ontario. We’ve got more than 6,000 readers every day and we have more than 90,000 followers on Facebook.

We are also working with several dog sled racing organizers in promoting this animal sport. We are also battling illegal activities involving dogs like dogfighting in several areas all over Canada. Our next goal is to expand our presence to Quebec and Manitoba by the end of 2020. We are excited about all of these and we are expecting more people to participate.